Claim Warranty Form

Sometimes its desirable to have claim form that compliment to the registration form. The claim form allow customer to claim warranty.

How to enable it

Go to App admin > Settings > Claims Form
After the Claims form is enabled and Save Settings the page will reload and Claims admin tab will appear

Frontend Claims Form

This is what the customer see and the link on the Claims admin or it can be access using the following url /apps/product-registration?form=claim-warranty, here is what it look like without any configuration - see the Claims admin about how to customise the form

Claims Admin

Here is the place to manage claim form and see all the claims customer filled.
On the top right, there is a link to see the claim warranty page on the frontend - This is the form customer will see


This table contain all the claims filled by customer


This is how the claim form get customise.
The extra field is same as in the one in Settings > General Settings > extra fields, check out it on the documentation.
Last modified 2yr ago