If the registered product is in the shopify shop, the product name will be a link that link to that specific product in the product admin.

It will show normal text if the product is not on the system.


When the registered customer is already existed on the system, it will show a link to the customer admin (email address is used to match existing customer on the system).


View Details

Allow a more detail view for the specific registration - e.g Extra fields associate with the product and more detailed customer information.

Change Status

Able to change status for the specific registration, when the customer completed registration the status is default to request, however its possible to change to others like 'Confirmed' or 'Processed' for internal book keeping

Delete Registration

Delete the selected registration

Export as CSV

Export the current registration table as CSV file, the file will contain extra fields associate with the product. Its also possible to filter to specific entries by using the filter in the table.

Add Registration

Once the add registration is enabled in the App > Settings > General > Show Add Registration, then the add registration button will be appear on the top right corner.

The is effectively the same as frontend registration from, however there are a few difference. e.g once the logged in user is have product-registration-admin (once the tag is there, then the customer and admin won't receive any emails)

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