General Settings

Settings for the behaviour of the app

Admin Email

By default a notification email will send to shop admin on new product registration, this is the email address of the email will be send to.

Default Country

The default country in the customer address from when customer fill in the address on the frontend.

Account Creation

Ability to create new customer account on new registration

Tag Customer

Its possible to tag customer with the customer tags for the serial number during registration, this provide a convenient way to filter out customer base on serial number, see Serial Numbers for more information

Note: customer will need to logged in or account creation setting is enabled.

Validate Serial Number

Setting for turn on validation for serial number, once this setting is enabled only customer with valid serial number can register their product - this is very useful to filter out bogus registration and only genuine customer will able to register.

Serial numbers will need to import into the system for it to work, see serial numbers for more detail.

Note: no one will allow to register if this setting is enabled and there are no serial numbers on the system.

One Time Serial Number

Once the validate serial number is enabled, the one time serial number setting is available - with this setting the serial number can only use once, after first registration, the serial number on the subsequent registration will deem as invalid.

Multiple Serial numbers

Setting for customer to enter multiple serial number at once - e.g customer bought 10 same laptop, but each laptop will have unique serial number, turn on this setting will save customer a lot of time.

Optional Address

Make the address option when customer register their product when its enabled.

The product search field on the frontend allow customer to search all the products on the store, however there are cases where you want to limit the search to specific products that allow to register, by enable this setting, its possible to limit the search into specific collections

Auto Registration

Sometimes its desirable to register the product after checkout is completed and order created (e.g for products that have life time warranty), this setting allow auto registration - the order number will become serial number - because at order complete the product is not picked yet, so there is no way to know the serial number that identify the specific product customer bought.

Once the auto registration is enabled, its possible to limit the registration to certain SKUs

Show Add Registration in Admin

Enable this will show add registration on the registrations tab in the app admin

By default the form is GDPR compliant, because this is very specific clear this is about product registration, hence no consent is needed to collect data, however if double confirm is needed as peace of mind, this option can be enable, once its enabled there will be extra checkbox at the registration from asking for specific data collection permission.

The language of the text and be change in the App Admin > Settings > Languages

Extra Fields

Able to set up extra fields for product, there is no limit on number of extra fields, but its not good practice to overwhelm customers.

Simply add the name of the extra field and specify what type of field it should be.

At the moment three type are supported, more type support will be added in the future.

  • Text - Will present customer with text input box.

  • Selection - Will present a dropdown selection, tick the other checkbox allow customer input custom option.

  • Image - Will allow customer to upload images.

Here is what it look like in the frontend.

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