Email Templates

The app will send out emails whenever there are new registrations or status changed etc

These emails can be customize using the template editor and different data are available for different templates

The data in the template is dynamic so it will have to be in the following form

{{ data }}

Emails after form submission

Usually one email is sent to customer for confirmation and another is sent to admin for notification when a form is submitted

The [registered-products] inside these email will be replaced by the actual registered products or form content

Here are extra data available for the email template

Timestamp when form submitted: {{ now }}
customer first name: {{ customer.firstName }}
customer surname: {{ customer.surname }}
customer email: {{ }}
customer address 1: {{ customer.address1 }}
customer address 2: {{ customer.address2 }}
customer city: {{ }}
customer state: {{ customer.state }}
customer country: {{ }}
customer post code: {{ customer.postCode }}
customer phone: {{ }}
ids of the registration: {{ ids }}

Note: {{ ids }} will output all the ids if the form is able to add multiple products, if it's a one-page form, then it will simply output the id of the entry

Emails for status change

By default when a status change it will not send out any email unless there are contents inside status's email template

The follow data are available for the email template

Note: {{ note }}
Status: {{ status }}
Customer name: {{ reg.customerName }}
Customer email: {{ reg.customerEmail }}
Product id: {{ reg.productId }}
Product name: {{ reg.productName }}
Purchase date: {{ reg.purchaseDate }}
Serial Numbers: {{ reg.serialNumbers }}
Source : {{ reg.source }}
Order id: {{ reg.orderId }}
Order number: {{ reg.orderNumber }}
Warranty: {{ reg.warranty }}
Warranty start date: {{ reg.warrantyStartDate }}
Warranty end date: {{ reg.warrantyEndDate }}
Last service date: {{ reg.lastServiceDate }}
Created at: {{ reg.createdAt }}

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