Form Design

Customize the fields for the form using drag and drop, its very easy to customize the form fields

Select fields on the left side, then its possible to drag and drop to arrange them on the right hand side.

Please make sure there is an Email field in the form (because an email is needed for send confirmation email to the customer)

Add Fields

Here show all available fields, new fields will be added in the future.

Add Options

Customize the field's option, each field have different options


Select From Category/Collection

This field is used for provide users a list of category/collection, so they can select a category, then able to select a product from the selected category/collection

  1. collections must be created in the Shopify admin, here is the doc on how to create collection

  2. Add the Select from Category field in the form’s Design

  3. Configure the field (most importantly select which collections customers able to select from)

  4. Preview the form

  5. Test it

  6. Save it

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