Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I combine Product Registration form into one page rather than currently two step approach?

Its by design the form is divided into two steps - product and customer, that it will take user to second page that will show them the products they have entered and more details they need to enter.

More importantly the second page customer form provide a consistent fields to collect customer information which is essential

Its not possible to combine them into one step yet, but its on the roadmap and its possible to do it in the future

How do I customize the look and feel of the form?

By default the frontend form have minimal and it will inherit the styling of the shop

Sometimes the page might not look like what you want, then its possible to add styling/CSS to make it look like exactly what you want

You can add custom CSS code for the app in the App admin > Settings > General Setting > Custom CSS styling code for frontend

If you need extra help, then you can contact us

How to make the product name as a dropdown list

When customer doing the product search in the frontend, by default it will do a autocomplete search, however sometimes it might better to have dropdown list that allow customer to select a specific product

To enable a customer to select a list of products within a dropdown, it will have to do two things

  1. Create a collection that contains all the products you want to appear in the dropdown list, also make sure this list is not visible on frontend if you don't want display on the frontend, here is how you can create Collection in Shopify

  2. Once the collection is created, you will need to go to App Admin > Form > Settings > General > Enable Limit Product Search, then enable the dropdown mode and select a Collection, finally Save Settings at the bottom of the page

How can I find out the app version?

The app version can be found in the App admin (Shopify admin > Apps > My Product Registration)

The version is at the bottom right corner of the page (sometimes you might need to scroll to the bottom right if its not visible) - note different version of admin might look different but the version number will always on the bottom right

How can I redirect to specific url after submission?

There are two ways to do it

  1. Via serial number, when you upload/import a serial number, you can specifiy a redirect url, so whenever the customer register with that serial number, it will redirect to that url

  2. Using the redirect after sucess in the App admin > Forms > Select the form > Settings > General > Redirect url after success registration, you can put the url here > Save

Note: if using the step 2 - redirect url in the form settings, then its possible to have the id or product handle in the url, e.g if the url contain {ids} or {handles}, they will get replaced with registration id and the registered product handle in the registration

For example, when customer registered a product with handle apple-macbook-pro and using the following success redirect url in the setting{handles}&registration_id={ids}

Then the app will actuall replace the ids and handles and do the redirect, so the actual url get redirected will be

How can I get the id in the email subject?

Its possible to have the registration id in the email subject to customer, you will need to use {{ id }} or {{ ids }} in the email subject, they will get replaced by the actual registration id

I like the app, how do I write a review for it

Glad you like the app, we work hard to make it better every day.

You can use the following link or in the Shopify Admin > Apps > My Product Cares > View Details (...) > Write Review.

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