Limit product search to specific products

Sometimes is desirable to limit customers can only select certain products when they are filling out the form

To be able to do that, a few things need to setup

  1. Figure out the products customers are allowed to register

  2. Make sure the form's design has a Product field

  3. Turn on the limit product search function in the form settings

1. Set up the products that customers allow to register

First, you have to determine which products the customers are allowed to register, then you need to create a Product Collection in the Shopify admin that contains those products

Go to Shopify admin > Products > Collections > Create a new collection, then either manually add the products to the system or use the smart collection to select the products

Note the collection name and you will need that in a later step

2. Make sure there is a product field in the form's design

Make sure use the system product field rather than create separate dropdown field

3. Turn on the settings

Once the above steps are done, then go to App admin > Forms > Select the form > Settings > General > Limit product search > Enable it

Then select the collection you want to limit the search to, then click Add to add the collection

Make sure the collection is added and clicked Add

Then you can either Save the setting (this will allow the customer to search for the product within the collection), but you also enable Use dropdown on product search, then the product field will become a dropdown that allows the customer to select a product

Once all of the above step is done, go to the frontend and check out the form and make sure its working

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