Serial number checker/validator

Sometimes is desirable to have a simple interface for customer to validate or check their serial number. The app provide such function, here are some use cases

  • Check if authenticity of a product - e.g customer bought the product with serial number and want to check the authenticity

  • Provide manual (or any other downloadable content) customer when bought the product with serial number, they just need enter the serial number to download the assets associate with the serial number

Frontend UI

The serial number checker/lookup have a frontend url


The simple UI allow customer to enter serial number and get the relevant information for it

Once customer enter a valid serial number it will present the result

As indicate from the above results, it consist the following

  1. Wether the entered serial number is valid or not

  2. Show downloadable content if there are downloadable content associate with the serial number - see here how to assicate download to serial number

  3. Show the product associated with the serial number - associate product with serial numbers

For more information how to manage serial numbers, please checkout here

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