Migrate to v2

This is the version 2 of the app and its possible to migrate from v1 to v2

V2 have following benefits

  • Able to create multiple forms

  • Design the form by drag and drop

  • Many more...

For a simple form without too much modification, the upgrade will be very easy and quick, However also beware of the following before upgrade

  • The form will look different as the look and feel for version 2 is very different

  • Once its upgraded, its very hard to go back

If you have more complex steup or happy with the current version, you don't have to upgrade, but there won't be any feature updates - only security updates in the future

If you have any questions, please contact us before doing the upgrade

How to upgrade

Its simply to go the v1 App admin > Settings > Advance settings > Upgrade to v2

After upgrade

Once its upgraded, please double check the forms and make sure everything is working correctly, here is a list of things worth checking

  • Go to the frontend - check the styling

  • Do a test registration and make sure its working

  • Check the email templates and the emails from test registration

  • Check the registration status

  • Check the claim form if you have one

Registration form/listing in the Account area(or other places)

If the registration form/listing has put in the account area or any other pages using the old doc

And use the new code for V2

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