Registered entries

Show registered entries like product registrations or claims

Once the customer is logged in and the app will show registered entries like product registration or claims if the customer filled in product registration or claim forms before

If the customer is not logged in or no registrations or claims for the customer, the registered entries won't be visible

The columns showing in the registered entries are corresponding to the fields for the form

Customize registered entry columns

Its possible to customize the columns, e.g only show certain columns

Its in the App admin > Forms > Select the form > Settings > General > Customize registered entry columns > Enable, then select the columns to show

Actions column

The actions column allow customer to take actions again the specific registered entry

By default if there is a form called or maked claim, it will automatically provide the make a claim action button which will open the claim form and prefilled the product information from the current entry data

Its also possible to change the form for the Make a claim button, its in the App admin > Forms > Select the form > Settings > General > Frontend - registered listing, what Make a Claim should link to

Extra actions

Its also possible to add extra actions to the actions column, the actions will be a url (e.g it will open a URL)

Add custom actions link for the registered products - e.g you can have life time warranty claim and other actions as you wish

First you will need to go the App admin > Forms > Select the form > Settings > General > Custom actions and add new actions

Once that's added, in the frontend registered entries, it will show the extra action

Please let us know if you encounter any issues with this feature

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