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Adding warranty information for each product, so customer can see their when their warranty expired after they do registration

Setup product warranty period

Each product can have different warranty period, hence the warranty period will need to set up at product level using product tags
Open the Shopify admin > Products > Product and add new tags to the product to indicate the warranty period
product with warranty period tag
The product tags have to be in the following format
warranty - this is fixed
duration - consist of two parts a number and a unit, separated by a space e.g 1 year

Example product tags

Here are some example valid product tags
  • warranty:1 year
  • warranty:2 years
  • warranty:6 months

Show warranty info

Once the product is setup with warranty period and the customer registered that product, it will calculate the warranty expiration date based on registration date + warranty period
If you want customer to see the warranty expiration date, you have to enable it in the App admin > App Settings > General > Show customer warranty
Once its enabled, Save settings
After the the setting is enabled, the customer can see the warranty information in the frontend - Registered Products
Customer's view of warranty


Its possible to change wording for warranty in the App admin > Settings > Languages, search for warranty. Don't forget to Save after changed languages