Stripe payment

Integration with Stripe checkout (Stripe-hosted checkout page) to allow customers to pay after product registrations/claims

The overview

Integrate with Stripe checkout to collect payment after form submission

Here is simply overview of the steps to setup the integration

  • Get the API key from Stripe admin dashboard

  • Customise the Stripe checkout in the Stripe admin

  • Create a new form for testing

  • Go to Form's Design to add a payment field and customise it

  • Save the form design

  • Test the whole flow from customer point of view

  • Do it on a live form when its all working

Its always good idea to test things before making it live!

How to get the Stripe API

Sign up to a Stripe account if you don't already have one

The API key should be available in the Stripe dashboard, please read the latest Stripe doc for getting the key, normally it shoudl bein the Stripe dashboard > Developers > API keys > Get the key from there

While at the Stripe dashboard, might be good idea to customise the payment checkout, because that's what the app will be using Stripe-hosted checkout page, the customisation is in the Stripe dashboard > Settings > Payments > Checkout, to setup the branding and how it should be look like etc

Setup the integration

Once the Stripe API key is obtained, it need to put in the App admin > App Settings > Integration > Stripe payment

Setup the payment field

Once the payment integration is validated and saved, the payment field will appear in the Form's Design (normally the payment field is not available if there is no payment integration)

Add the payment field to the page - ONLY ONE PAYMENT IS ALLOWED PER FORM

The following field is required

  • Product name - this is the product name customer will see on the Stripe checkout

  • Price

  • Currency

Its also possible to provide the messages for when the payment successfully paid or cancelled in the payment field options

Save the form design after setup the payment field

The frontend - what the customer see

Once the form is saved, customer will present with the form without the payment field and customer will fill out the form normally and then will be redirect to payment checkout when the form data is saved

Customer submit the form -> Present with successfully saved data -> Redirect to payment checkout -> Customer enter the credit card or other method to pay -> Show payment success or cancelled message

Here is the example payment checkout (its possible to customise the looks an feels of Stripe payment checkout) will be shown to customer after submit the form

In the above the product name, price and description is set in the payment field

Once its successfully paid, it will present with the success message in the payment field

Emails and Statuses

By default when the customer submitted the form, the submission entry will have status Requested (its possible to chagne in the form's settings) and will automatically send out an email to customer (its cusotmizable in the Form's settings or disable the email)

After the payment integration is enabled (with valid api key), the app will create two new status paid and unpaid, this will be like normal status you added manually

When the customer go through the payment, the app will automatically change the entry's status to Paid when the payment is successfully, or unpaid when its not paid

If you want to send out email after success payment, then you need to customise the email template in the App settings > Statuses > paid/unpaid status > add on email template

Why you want payment integration?

There are a lots reason why payment is needed after submit the form (e.g after registration and claim), here are some examples

  • Need to pay for the registration

  • Sometimes its desirable for customer to pay for part of the product when make claim

  • Need to pay for the shipping of the claim

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