Form inside Shopify Page

It's possible to put any forms on any Shopify page (using Page you can have your own URL, so it doesn't have to be /apps/product-registration, please see Shopify page documentation for how to customize the URL and other detail)

To put the form inside a page, all it need is to add the form block to page in theme's customizer (note: if the page template is share between different pages, then the form will added to all pages using the template, to add form to a new page, you will need to create new template using instruction below)

Go to Shopify admin > Online Store > Select the current theme > Customize

Go to the page, then add a section/block to the page

Create new page template specific for the form

The above method will put the form block to the page template, but sometimes its not what you really want, because the template might be share between other pages, hence the form might appear on all the pages

What you want to do is to create new page template specific for the form, so it will only appear on one page only What you can do is create a new page template in the Shopify admin > Online Store > Customize

Once you have the new page template created, you can add the block to the page

Finally, you go to the Shopify admin > Online Store > Pages > Add new page and select use the new page template you just created

This way only the new page will use the template and form will only appear on that page instead of other pages

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