Shopify Flow

Its a power tool provided by Shopify to automation, it allows you to all sort of things, more information can be found on Shopify website


The app integrate with Shopify flow by adding triggers, so you can use the form submission triggers to trigger other automation
To be able to use the functionality, make sure Shopify Flow app is enabled

How to use it

Once Shopify Flow is working, its accessible in the Shopify admin
Create a new workflow, then start by create a trigger and select My Product Cares/Registration's Product registration submitted as the trigger
This means this is the start of the trigger - so everytime there is a product registration submitted, it will start the whole workflow
As for the actions, it will depend on your needed e.g you have it send out email e.g
All following actions will have access to the variables/data provided by the trigger and able to use them in different places