Serial Numbers

Serial numbers

Serial number is a unique identifier for the specific product customer bought - e.g every customers bought a 2017 Mercedes C200 sport car will have a unique number that identify the car they have, this is the serial number, hence its important to handle it and validate it to make sure its from a genuine customer.

Serial number

this is the unique identifier for the product - e.g the QWERTY-123456

SKU (optional)

the generic identifier for the product - e.g an iPhone 8 might be APPIPHONE8-2

Customer Tags (optional)

The tags apply for the customer that register with specific serial number - e.g customer bought iPhone 8 with serial number QWERTY-123456 can be tagged as 'new, vip'. This for connivence customers management and need to turn on the setting for it to work.

Add new serial numbers

New serial numbers can be add using CSV file for bulk import or there are only handful of entry its easier and faster to enter them in the app admin as shown at the bottom of above screenshot.

Upload serial numbers in CSV

Using CSV upload If there are thousands of serial numbers needed to important into the system. This is a very simple process - a CSV with the following format is needed.

| serialNumber | sku | customerTags |

| SN12345678 | MERC | new,vip |

| SN12345678 | VOLVO | new |

The heading have to be the exact wording, only serialNumber is required -

serialNumber: Number or string - required

sku: Number or string - [optional]

customerTags: Number or string, multiple tags are separated by comma - [optional]


Once the serial numbers are imported into the app, its possible to validate the serial number customer entered against the serial number imported - this is optional and require setting to turn on

In the Settings admin, turn on the serial number validation to allow customer have valid serial number to register.

The customer tags can also be turn on in the settings - this will tag customer with tags for that specific serial number entered.


There are actions available for each serial number entry, its possible to update serial number, SKU and customer tags and delete the entry.

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