Serial number with file download

Sometimes it's desirable to associate the serial number with file download - e.g Manuals, for example, you want customers registered with specific serial numbers to see their instruction manual PDF after they register the product


First, you will need to prepare the serial number CSV but with an extra column called data

So the new CSV will have the follow format

|serialNumber | sku | customerTags | data_download_Manual |

| SN12345678 | MERC | new,vip | |

| SN12345678 | VOLVO | new | |

The data_download_Manual will a URL link to the pdf file itself, Manual will be the name showing in the frontend

Once the serial number CSV is upload to the app, then will need to enable the show serial number data to the frontend in the App admin > App Settings > General > Show registered serial numbers data for registered products is, then Save Settings at the bottom

Then whenever customers register with that specific serial number, they will see the download link in their registered products (the registered products will be shown on the registration page by default if the customer is logged in and have registered products, or it can be shown registered products on the account page, please see

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